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Tellest Character Art – Retrus O’Ryan

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Howdy folks!  I have a quick peek at one of Hozure’s final three pieces that he did for us a while back.  RETRUS O’RYAN! Short but sweet today.

We got started with some poses, as is the typical set up from Hozure.

Back when he worked on this character, he did a really quick job of it, and we didn’t even get that in-between stage for him.  So… this is pretty much it!  He did an awesome, real quick job, and it’s one of my favorite interpretations of Retrus.  Also a fun little side bit: I think that Hozure did a bit of self-portrait with Retrus’s face!

We’ll be back with the final (ever?) Hozure piece in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned!

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