Tellest Sprite Art – Alicia Mane

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It’s been a few weeks since we saw a sprite update.  It’s about time we change that!  We’re still plugging along with this little project, but we’re not ready to reveal anything substantial yet.  Instead, let’s just show you my favorite sprite of the entire bunch.

Alicia 2

Ok, it’s not that one, but that’s the very first bit of skeleton work that Chris did for Alicia Mane.  She’s the first novel character to be presented in this project (though we did see Steel Tip in sprite form a while back).

Alicia 3

That’s more like it.  With a little bit of panache, Chris managed to put together a nice bit of motion for our fire-wielding noblewoman.

Alicia 4

And now she looks even more substantial.

Alicia 5

When we first got the color on the sprite, we noticed that there were some things that needed be changed.  First and foremost, her outfit looked decidedly modern.

Alicia 6

A little splash of white went a long way toward showing that she wasn’t wearing a tank top.  Chris also modified the palette a bit here.

Alicia 7

And here you have the final piece.  He added a bit more white to make it look like she had sleeves that extended out.

Alicia 7

A close-up look should show you why she’s my favorite one of the sprites so far.  I really like what Chris did with her, and I’m excited to see what we can come up with going forward!

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