Tellest Sprite Art – Kaja

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Kaja 4x

We’ve got a new group of heroes to show off to you from our card game, which we’re getting increasingly further along with!  Testing is going well, and we’re excited to drop some major bombshells regarding what this game is all about very, very soon.

Fun fact 1: this group that we’re featuring today—the kaja—was almost prominently featured in the 2013 book, The Enemy Within. But because that book was bloated at over 800 pages, they were cut from the material.  Since then, they’ve appeared in short stories, and will feature in the future book, Dragonspeaker.

Fun fact 2: Fe’Pavi’s short story, The Return of Faith, was originally developed (and unfinished) for a spec project for a game idea.  War for Tellest would have been a collectible card game of sorts that would have included all the characters introduced in the story that eventually became The Return of Faith.

Fun fact 3: If Michael DeAngelo was going to use Fe’Pavi in another project, it would be a classic style point-and-click adventure game!

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