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I’ve spent the better part of the month redesigning some of the sites that we run under Crude Humor Studios— specifically That’s Entertainment and Everything is Awesome. It’s been tedious and I still have a few bugs to work out, but I really like the new look. I hope all of you do to! We’re looking to add some fun little things here and there when it comes to the design (like our new banner on the front page) and, of course, getting back to regular updates.

I’m sure everyone has notice that our typical posting has gone done, but that should change starting Sunday, June 5th. I’m in the process of getting That’s Entertainment back to having lots of things scheduled out at least a week or two in advance! This includes some old favorites:

  • Garret’s Movie Reviews
  • Pictures of Batman Eating
  • Wonderful art from the world of Tellest

During our hiatus, we introduced two new podcasts: Everything is Awesome and Looking for RPG: Tellest. Those respected sites will be up and running shortly (Everything is Awesome is already up, check it out! We’re also introducing two new features that I’m really excited about:

  • That’s Entertainment Walk of Fame – Where we will always and forever highlight projects that we love
  • Easy Listening – A weekly feature of podcasts we love to listen to

Thank you to everyone who supports us– how can you continue to do so? I’m glad you asked!

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