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The Flash Season 6, Episode 10 Preview: Marathon

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The Flash returns from its mid-season hiatus, and the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover with the mid-season premiere, Marathon.

While we haven’t seen a new episode of The Flash since before the holidays, Barry Allen has been part of the Arrowverse for the last few weeks. He was a crucial part of the two final parts of this year’s crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and on Arrow‘s series finale. The tenth episode of season 6, Marathon, will be our first look at Team Flash since the universe was rebooted. The official synopsis from the CW:

After The Citizen prints an explosive story, Iris’s (Candice Patton) life is threatened; refusing to hide from her attackers, Iris sets out to expose a dangerous organisation; Barry (Grant Gustin) must face the consequences of the Crisis and fulfil Oliver Queen’s wish for him.

Crisis on Infinite Earths affected each show and character differently, and definitely the lives of Team Arrow the most. However, the crisis was supposed to alter the lives of Team Flash drastically. While the synopsis clearly states that the ramifications of Crisis will be dealt with, the story will be pushed forward. The trailer gives us a better glimpse of the episode:

The Flash Returns. Stops Crisis.

The first thing to take away from that trailer is that while Arrow may be gone, John Diggle (David Ramsey) is not! Last we saw Diggle, he was packing up to move to Metropolis before finding a glowing green object that fell from the sky. Now, it appears he’s there to give Barry something (of Olivers?) and likely help him grieve, but I’m hoping we get one more peek at Diggle’s future. The tone of the trailer is ominous. Barry survived! Everyone should be happy, however, the tone of the music, Iris’s voice, and pretty much everyone around Barry paints a different picture. Details on where and when to watch the mid-season premiere of The Flash are below:

Date: Tuesday, February 4th
Time: 8:00 PM ET
Episode: 610 Marathon
The CW
Stream: Wednesday, February 5th on

Are you ready for The Flash‘s return? What are you looking forward to the most? And how about John Diggle showing up so soon after Arrow‘s season finale? Let us know in the comments!

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