Mini Movie Review – The Fog, 1980

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I really wish I could say I liked this film more. There’s lots of good stuff here – The Fog is a great, simple, practical effect that Carpenter uses really well. The way the creatures sort of emerge from the fog is pretty scary and effective. The use of the radio station as a guide for the characters is a cool idea. The neon cross is an awesome prop. I love seeing this huge cast of “Who’s Who of Carpenter Movies,” every few minutes just getting excited that “that guy” is in this too! But this is kind of a slog. I never really bought into it and it never grabbed me, either with its weirdness or with its scares, which are usually the places Carpenter is good at grabbing me. And how the hell are these lepper-pirates able to make all this weird shit happen around town, but they have to knock on your door in order to get to you?

The Fog scores: ★★ (out of 5)

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