The Infected: Nightfall (book 3) by Joseph Zuko

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Zombies are all the rage, and we here at That’s Entertainment can’t get enough! From The Walking Dead, Z Nation, and Zombieland to Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead, it’s all chalk full of zombie fun! Books are no different, and one of the best mediums to produce zombie apocalypse stories. Joseph Zuko’s newest novel in his undead series, The Infected: Nightfall, is one of the best to join in all of the fun!


Jim and Karen Blackmore have discovered that when it comes to the zombie apocalypse, there is no such thing as safety in numbers. Between their separate groups of survivors is a city of the living dead, hungry for flesh and growing in numbers by the minute. As Jim and his newly minted gang of zombie killers fight their way to his family, Karen fortifies her hideout and prepares for an emergency escape she knows is inevitable. As night falls, and their chances of seeing the dawn seem impossible, Jim and Karen’s only wish is to reunite as the end of the world begins.

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