‘The Jetsons’ Live-Action Reboot Coming to ABC

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Robert Zemeckis, one of the brains behind Back to the Future, is bringing back our favorite family from the future back to TV; only this time they’ll be real live people instead of animated. The Jetsons, originally debuted from Hanna-Barbera on ABC in 1962 for a single season and later revived in 1985 for another two seasons in syndication, will be executive produced by Zemeckis and written by Gary Janetti (Will & GraceFamily Guy). Warner Bros. TV is the studio (fun fact: Warner Bros. Animation absorbed Hanna-Barbera over 20 years ago).

Much like the original, the live-action Jetsons will be set 100 years in the future. In 1962 (and 1985), the technology featured were things we only dreamed of: flying cars, jetpacks, AI, holograms, food replicators, drones, smart watches, and much more. In 2017, all that technology either exists in one form or another OR smart people are working on making it exist. It makes you wonder, what will the modern day Jetsons have us dreaming of in 2117? Teleportation? Proper AI? Lightsabers?

Jannetti will also serve as an executive producer with Zemeckis and Jack Rapke. Jackie Levine will co-executive produce.

Although I normally crave originality over reboots and remakes, something about seeing George Jetson, his boy Elroy, daughter Judy, and Jane, his wife, speaks to me—call it nostalgia, but I’m excited!

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Source: Deadline || Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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