The Raw Report: The State Of WWE

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As it is officially turns to summer the WWE is in a new and interesting place. The roster is getting healthier with the return of Seth, Cena, and Wyatt. The new brand split has the fans excited, and guessing who will return like Goldberg, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Hardy. The Tag Team division is about to be in a boom period, with New Day, The (Bullet) Club and Enzo and Big Cass, not to mention all the tag teams down in NXT like American Alpha. With all these positives fans are legitimately excited, but then yesterday Roman Reigns got suspended for 30 days and shook the Universe to its core.

Roman was the WWE Champ since Wrestlemania, and was being groomed to be the face of the company, but after being suspended will that change? The fans were tired of him, and was rooting for anybody against him. On Sunday Roman lost to a heel Seth Rollins, and the fans were cheering the heel. Then Dean, a babyface, decided to cash his briefcase, and was able to beat Seth, and was the new champ. The following Monday when Dean came out, it was a massive cheers, and something that was nice and refreshing. Does this mean no Roman is a good thing?

Yes and No

WWE as of right now has the Shield triple threat, but I cannot believe they will still have Roman as part of the triple threat. As a fantasy booker I would take Roman out of the main event, but have him interfere and just turn full heel. Having the suspensions makes him have an edge naturally and if WWE embraces it, there could be a lot of money in that.

If WWE just has him off TV and tries to just ignore the suspension and have him in the main event at battleground will be bad. Fans will yell at him more, and this time they have actual ammo, and not just you can’t wrestle chant.

The State of the WWE is more promising than ever, and with the right storytelling, who knows maybe another wrestling boom period is just around the corner.

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