Mini Movie Review – Triangle, 2009

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The experience of watching Triangle is really worth watching this movie for. Its quality may be of slight question for some people, but the wrestling you will do with its plot is really fun and I think illuminates something about modern movie audiences. There’s been discussion recently over audiences trying to “beat” a movie, to pull it apart and understand it “better” than other audiences. This movie seems to know people are watching movies that way and uses that against you, as a viewer. About halfway through Triangle I was like oh, I totally know where this is going, and there’s a million holes in it. By the end, nearly every hole was filled in, and clearly meant to make you angry at it when initially introduced, and it has defeated your ability to “figure it out.” This is sort of a brilliant little puzzle that pays off pretty big, I just wish it were trying to do a little more than be a puzzle.

I did really appreciate that as my brain was going “Hey these hallways are lit in a really familiar way… this kind of looks like the Overlook in The Shining…” the next thing the movie did was introduce Room 237. Nice work. All in all, this really succeeds on its own terms and is worth the watch.

Triangle scored: ★★★☆☆

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