victims & villains episode 153: revenge of the mask featured image

Victim & Villains Episode 153: Revenge of the Mask

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victims & villains episode 153: revenge of the mask featured image


Usually for us here at Victims and Villains, we try our best to balance indie projects with pop culture. Every so often though, we get awarded opportunities such as live events or bigger names like Darick Robertson. This is one of those opportunities. Within our first 50 episodes of being a podcast, we did two episodes called “Filmmaker Focus”. For these episodes in particular, we sat down with filmmakers and just went in depth with their projects. This episode is an homage to that concept. We are excited to be joined by Dylan Sides, Kyle Parker & Lance Kawas. These three gentlemen are the visionaries behind the upcoming indie film, Revenge of the Mask.


The Mask is a character of Dark Horse Comics. For the general population, our knowledge of the character is gonna most likely go to one of two places. Either thing the Jim Carrey led, 90s comedy, The Mask. Or the pretty much hated pseduo-sequel, Son of the Mask. Fun fact, Dylan actually worked on the film, Son of the Mask. The filmmakers discuss the challenges of adapting the character and breaking the prior knowledge of the character.

rm2.jpgAS THEY SAY…

We don’t wanna give away too much here. This interview goes pretty in-depth from the early starts of the film makers, the creation process, the blessings, the hold-ups ad more. This was such a blast and joy to be able to produce this for you guys. Check out Revenge of the Mask when it drops October 31st on YouTube & Dark Horse’s official website.

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