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Victims and Villains Episode 272: Black Wall Street: Watchmen, Chapter Three

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This is the story of Greenwood. A story that thrives on hope, prosperity but ends in tragedy. In its inception, Greenwood’s business district thrived. What makes Greenwood such an important story isn’t its wealth, but to whom those who received the wealth. Only a few years after the abolishment of slavery, African Americans found their way out west & oil found its way to Oklahoma. When the two met one another, oil wasn’t the only thing that was struck—hope was. Founding its own home within the walls of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Greenwood quickly rose to promise. Even being coined by Booker T. Washington as Black Wall Street. This is their story. For this episode, we are sitting down with Dr. Henry McKoy & Dr. Hannibal Johnson to bring to light the significance of this story. While Dr. McKoy is still working on his book, you can pick up Dr. Johnson’s book now by clicking here.

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