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Victims and Villains Episode 273: Oklahoma: Watchmen, Chapter Four

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While we have been heavily focusing on social justice, racism and our history’s relation with the two—we interrupt such justice to bring you the podcast no one asked for. An episode entirely on musicals and 1955’s Oklahoma! Within the opening act to Watchmen’s pilot, Judd Crawford (Don Johnson), and his wife are watching a production of Oklahoma. Later within the episode, Judd and the Abars (Regina King & Yayha Abdul-Mateen II) are having dinner discussing the production. To which begged the question, why shouldn’t we do an episode in the movie? Grab your horses, tune-up your vocal cords as we discuss this massively outdated film with Kelly Reynolds from the Boobies N Noobies Podcast. To discuss the lack of diversity, themes, the current climate of cinematic musicals and more!

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Victims and Villains is written and produced by Josh “Captain Nostalgia” Burkey. Music by Yuriy Bespalov & Beggars. Art by Matt Hunter.

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