victims and villains 150 - 2018 baltimore comic con

Victims & Villains 150 – 2018 Baltimore Comic Con

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victims and villains 150 - 2018 baltimore comic con


When Victims and Villains started in 2016, we had no idea what we were doing or where we were going. We were just two friends who wanted to connect and talk about nerd culture. Since then, we have grown to refine our vision and purpose. Delivering content that comes with the heart to let people know of their value and worth. That if they are indeed suffering, there are resources. Thank you to every listen, every co-host/guest, every musician, every artist, every interview, every convention, every RT, every comment, every like and every view that has brought us this far. We are far from done. Thank you for 150 successful episodes.


Before we introduce the creators involved in this episode, we just have to give a HUGE thank you to everyone at Baltimore Comic Con for making this episode possible. We are eternally grateful for your partnership in making this content a reality. If you guys are ever in the Baltimore area next October, please consider this wonderful con. Make sure that you click here to follow the convention for updates.


Heritage is a Baltimore based comic company run by Andre Campbell with additional titles from Tyran Eades. Campbell and Eades have comics that span from alternative history to superheroes and more. For more information, click here.


GCP Comics is run by two young gentlemen named Nathan Getz & Tony Calandra. For this particular episode, we sat down with Nate Getz. We discussed the two titles currently being produced by GCP, The Patrol (review will be coming later on this one) & Jack Rider.


Michael Bracco is a multi-talented man. Probably one of the most unique booths we had seen set up for BCC. Bracco is a teacher by trade, but also not only an artist but writer. Bracco is the mind behind the unique clothing brand, Spaghetti Kiss. As well as also the author of the multiple comics and graphic novels, including The Creators (also making its way for review done the line). For more information, click here.


Speaking of multi-talented gentlemen, meet Pat Shand. Shand has some truly interesting titles under his belt including Breathless, Little Girl, Destiny, NY, The Clonsters & more. This dude definitely has some titles you wanna check out. Make sure you follow Pat Shand on your social media platforms.


Olivia Berrier is the author behind a couple of titles including A Book Without Dragons and The World That Forgot How to Dance. For more information on Olivia and her work, be sure to click here for more information.


Mindy Indy is a multi-talented young lady. She has served on more well known titles like Deadpool Max or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (for Papercutz Comics), but she at her heart of hearts is a humble artist. She loves engaging with her audience and creating them into their favorite superhero. If you ever get a chance to meet Mindy at a con, we recommend stopping by. Check out more on Mindy here.


Ariele Sieling is a writer who targets more than one audience. With her series, Rutherford the Unicorn Sheep, she is aiming for a younger audience. However, in that aim she is using her voice to have the children walk away with lessons or morals. On the other hand, Sieling is also the writer of the young adult series The Sagittan Chronicles. Crafting a wonder of fantasy for the multitude. For more information on Ariele, click here.


Andrew Taylor is a creator behind two very different projects. Starting with Potential, a dark psychological comic that teeters with subjects of mental health. On the other hand, Taylor is also the author behind the sci-fi comedy The Adventures of Galaxy Girl in Outer Space. Galaxy Girl is a throw back to pulp comics of the 1950s. Check out more on Andrew and his comics here.


Panda Force is an all ages comic that is very much set in the vein of Teen Titans Go! It’s a bright and colorful experience for fans of all ages. Creator, Sean Causely, sits down with us to talk about the story and its origins. As well as the direction for the series moving forward. To check out more on Sean and the series, click here.


Kat Brenowitz is a cartoonist who is constantly challenging herself. Truly changing her art medium from one project to the next. Equipped with a powerful art palette and warming personality, Brenowitz is definitely a talent to check out for. Check out more information on her here.Also check out her partners Alex Lupp and Orlando Caicedo.


Rose Arena is an artist of two trades. She is the creator behind the comic, Breathless. Yes, I know there are two different Breathless titles in this episode from separate creators. To check out the specifics of this comic, check it out here. Arenas is also a gifted artist who does modern day mash-ups with some of your favorite pop culture characters. Click here for more information on her art.


Let’s talk about an interesting publisher here. John Weller Swell is the man behind the anthology series, Beautiful, Silly & Terrible Things. The series which has now spawn off into multiple titles is starting to establish itself as more than just a series but rather a true comic imprint. Whether your taste is comedy, horror, history or something else, this is a series to check out. Click here to check out more.


Author, Kevin Coolidge, is an established author with eight books (and counting) into the series, The Totally Ninja Raccoons. A series that is aimed for families that pits cats against raccoons. Coolidge is more than just a one trick pony though. He is also the author of Molly the Dog with Diabetes and Operation Ragnraok. During the day, he is also the owner of a book store out of Wellsboro, PA. For more information on Kevin and his titles, click here.


Let’s talk about horror! Creator David Carr and artist John Hernandez are the minds behind the vampire comic, Tainted Love. This however, isn’t your ordinary vampire tale. I’m not gonna spoil it here. Make sure you check out David Carr talking all about the comic book above or where ever you listen to your podcasts. Click here for more information.


While we’ve only briefly touched on the animation of yesteryear once before with The Jetsons, creator Rob Feldman takes trip back to the Hanna Barbara cartoons of the 70s. Cyko Ko (which will have a review later) is a love letter to the series of old. Feldman talks about the inspiration behind the book, the newspaper feel of the book and more in this ending interview. Check out more on his book and him here.

More importantly, if you or someone you know is struggling with suicide, depression, self-harm or addiction, please feel free to reach out, use any of our resources, call the suicide life line: 1-800-273-8255 or text 741-741.

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