victims & villains episode 159: mandy featured image

Victims & Villains Episode 159: Mandy

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victims & villains episode 159: mandy featured image



It’s rare that we ever come across a film where we don’t know where to start our discussions. Mandy is a terrific example of such a rare occurrence. Anytime we do film based episodes, we always start with general thoughts. For this film, our “preview” section got a bit more detailed than it intended. But hey, that’s okay! We’ll have Jon’s thoughts on the film soon. To read our full review though, you can click here.



Mandy is a film full of content and hidden meaning to explore. With the choices of lightning, opening quotes, conversations between characters and more. Writer/director Panos Cosmatos crafts a unique film that acts like a love letter to the action films of the 1980s but in turn is a film with immaculate depth. Can we fit it all into one episode? Click play to find out.


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