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Victims & Villains Episode 184: The Cabin (Indie Horror)

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Welcome to another adventure within the multiverse! In the vein of our Best F(r)iends coverage, we are spotlighting another piece of independent cinema. This time, we’re jumping into the horror genre with The Cabin. The Cabin tells the story of Harry and Rose a couple whom return to the cabin owned by Harry’s parents and befall some rather unfortunate circumstances. To read our review on the film, be sure to click here!

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Before we jump into the heart of The Cabin, we’re sitting down with the film’s director, Johan Bodell. Bodell is a Swedish native and first time horror director .In this interview, Bodell opens up about the process for crafting the unique visual appeal of the film, the crafting of the killer and more. Bodell makes his genre debut with The Cabin, having previously worked on the documentary, Charcoal: A History of a Factory. To check out more on Johan and the movie, click here for more information.


Doing reviews for a movies are fun and all. Especially since I’m so passionate about the medium. However, most of the reviews running solo are reserved for our YouTube channel and Reviews section here on the website. We wanted to bring someone in studio who was truly passionate about the horror genre and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better in NecroMan artist, Jason Seaux. Jason has been on our show a couple of times but this is his first visit to Studio V. Check out what we had to say and our different view points on the film by clicking the links above. For more on Jason and NecroMan, click here.


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