Movie Review: Village of the Damned, 1995

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Oh boy. Really thought Carpenter was one of those guys that would just never disappoint me. I’ve not seen most of his late career work, and I know people aren’t crazy about it, but I’m so crazy about his movies I thought maybe people were just missing something that I would find in these films and be able to explicate here. But as it turns out, people aren’t missing anything.

Village of the Damned has a really intriguing premise, a splendidly odd cast, and some great, sometimes out of nowhere, scenes of gore. But it rarely makes much sense, despite an eclectic cast they’re all very wooden here, it has the pacing of an after-school special, and is completely lacking in Carpenter’s signature sense of humor. Village of the Damned feels like it was made in the heat of extreme boredom. The only reason to rate it higher than 1-star is its great premise and some of the effects work. Also for Kirstie Alley sexily smoking cigarettes and not taking shit from anyone.

Village of the Damned scored: ★★☆☆☆

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