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W.O.W. Episode 4: Kim Kardashian, Black Hole, Comedy

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The bonus Blonde Jokes week concludes with the third and final episode  from their podcast, W.O.W.! These episodes are from their first run and feature some topics that date them—but with Kacey and Heidi’s take and banter about these subjects, it’s well worth re-living these news stories!

On this episode:

  • Kim Kardashian… Lawyer?!?
  • The Woman Led Team who took an image of a Black Hole!
  • Things get serious when a YouTube comment sparks a conversation about “jokes” that use the “just kidding” phrase and comedy that may cross some lines if not handled well.
  • and more!

The Blonde Jokes are a female comedy duo, made up of Kacey Spivey and Heidi-Marie Ferren, that flip the stereotype one joke at a time!


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