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W.O.W. Episode 6: Diversity w/ Gisela Chipe & Joseph Castillo-Midyett

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Heidi interviews Gisela Chipe and Joseph Castillo-Midyett about their film This Boy’s Vida (Made in America) (trailer below).

On this Episode:

  • This Boy’s Vida (Made in America).
  • The importance of diversity in entertainment.
  • and more!

A young Latino battles abuse and poverty to find his purpose and identity in America.


Gisela Chipe was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and grew up speaking Portuguese and English. She moved to the United States (Louisville, KY) at the age of 8 and studied voice, cello, chamber music and theatre. At age 13, while at Walden Theatre, she studied and fell in love with classic plays by playwrights such as Shakespeare, Shaw, and Chekhov.  Gisela studied alongside fellow classmates Jess Weixler and Jennifer Carpenter. Since completing her education she has performed throughout the country appearing in plays, commercials, television, and film. Gisela frequently lends her voice to voice-overs, in English and Spanish. She now resides in New York City.


Joseph Castillo-Midyett is an actor and producer, known for Collateral Beauty (2016), This Boy’s Vida and Jessica Jones (2015).


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