WWE: The Raw Report 10/12/15

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I was not fired so I am back for my second edition of The Raw Report! Last week there was some great matches, but unfortunately it was not a the Raw level, and was at NXT TakeOver. I am here to break down what to make of this mess of a booking.



The New Day

I am all in on New Day! Every week they are very fun and give a great match, and was no different this week. They had a great tag match vs Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton. Then they were major players in the lumberjack match. Expect New Day to continue this big push, as they have become the best part of Raw every week. NEW DAY ROCKS NEW DAY ROCKS!

John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler

The best match of the night was for the US Title. When Ziggler came out you already knew it was gonna be a great match. This is more me projecting these two and where they should go. On Total Divas apparently Ziggler went after Cena’s girlfriend Nikki Bella. If that is real or tv magic you can decide for yourself, but you can use it, and make a great heel turn for Dolph. With Cena taking a break after  Hell in the Cell, Ziggler replacement would make too much sense. We will see what happens but Dolph trying to steal John Cena’s girl, and then takes his belt is a pretty good storyline if I do say so myself.

Neville and Cesaro 

These two were partnered up and lost to King Barrett and Sheamus. While I do not know what they are doing with King Barrett and Sheamus, I think WWE could have something with a Neville and Cesaro tag team. These two had some great chemistry and with such a week tag team division these two could thrive there. After New Day beats the Dudley Boyz, they will need another baby face tag team, and I think these two could make a great rivalry with great matches.

Rusev, Summer Rae, and Lana

I hate this hold Rusev and Summer Rae storyline, and I think it has been garbage from the start. What I did like was putting real life into this storyline. TMZ broke the story that Rusev and Lana are actually engage. I am glad WWE acknowledge this and altered their storyline. Other then that this storyline can go away.



The Diva’s Division

It is supposed to be The Diva’s Revolution, but wow are the WWE lost. On NXT Takeover the main event was Sasha Banks vs Bayley. It was not only the best diva’s match of the year, but maybe just the best match f the year period. Then we come to Monday night, and they gave us pure garbage. They had two matches that really did nothing for me. Nikki Bella beating Naomi was just boring, and the tag match with the other Bella and Alicia Fox beating Charlotte and Becky Lynch was also boring. There is real talent in WWE and everyone is afraid that Raw will not continue what NXT has shown can work


The worst thing last night was just the general booking. Let’s start with WWE having their champion beat all the time on Raw. Charlotte and Seth Rollins who are the tops in both of their divisions both were pinned. I remember when people beat the champion people were just shocked and amazed, now it is just par for the course. Now we go on to my real main problem. The main event was Kane vs Seth Rollins. How did anybody think this was a good idea? At Hell in the Cell these two are facing off for the WWE Heavyweight title, so why am I seeing this match now? It is crazy I do not know if this was just a ratings boost or what, but this was stupid. Why not have Big Show face Rollins and have Demon Kane come out as a lumberjack? WWE needs to be better with booking plain and simple.

Overall Grade: C

While there was some great matches and entertainment in the beginning, it really dragged buy the end of it. The booking needs to be better, because the talent is there, WWE just needs to use it better



I mentioned it earlier, but if you have not checked out the last NXT TakeOver you really need too. Sasha Banks vs Bayley was a great match and was great story telling. WWE also released a new Rivalry of Trish Status and Lita which was great, and you should go check it out.

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