WWE: The Raw Report Card 10/5/15

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Here is my new weekly post about the WWE and what is going on with the company that I love. Growing up I always believed I could have been a writer or creative guy for WWE, but it is much harder to get into then one would imagine. I decide to get my WWE creative juices out by posting recaps of Raw and pay-per-views. These post will not be a segment by segment break down and analysis, they will be my opinions on what I think is good and bad. Love to have feedback you can  comment below or tweet us @ThatEntertains.



Paul Heyman

Raw opened up with Brock Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman. There is no one in the world right now that makes a better promo then Paul Heyman. Everytime he speaks the audience is captivated. I am sitting on the edge of my seat listening to every word he has to say. Anytime Paul Heyman speaks it truly is special and we should all wish to be a Paul Heyman Guy.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

When this feud started at Money In The Bank, I was luke warm on the idea at best. As time went on I just did not care about this feud at all. Then last week Wyatt and Reigns were the main event, and it was a great match fun and entertaining. I was back and I was ready for more. After these two were the main event match of Raw last week, they were the first match in a six man tag team match. The match was the Wyatt family vs Reigns, Ambrose, and Randy Orton. It  was entertaining and fun even though it was another six man tag, and you could feel the hate between Reigns and Wyatt. I give credit to Reigns and Wyatt they have made this garbage storyline to an interesting feud. I just wish Reigns could shoot a better promo.

John Cena vs New Day

The main event was John Cena putting his title on the line in his US Open Challenge against Big E and the rest of New Day on the sideline. While the match itself was its usual “Oh maybe Cena will lose”, followed by “Of course he will win cause it is John Cena,” match the after match is what makes it great. All three of New Day starts to beat up John Cena, but then here comes Ziggler to help out his pal John. Well Ziggler super kicks Cena by accident, and then the New Day start to beat Ziggler. The Dudley’s came out and tried to beat New Day but also fell. At the end of it all the three young up and coming stars were celebrating while the old guard was on the ground.



Kane still in the main event

Let me start off by saying Seth Rollins is the best person on this entire roster, but for some reason they keep matching him up with really old people. WWE thinks the way to get Seth Rollins over is to face him with old wrestlers with a more recognizable name like Sting, and now Kane. They need to pair Rollins with the younger talent, and let them have great matches like the matches earlier this year with Rollins vs Ambrose. Back to Kane, somehow this dinosaur is now going to be facing Rollins for the title at Hell and Cell, and everyone knows that Kane will not win. WWE needs to stop wasting talents like Seth Rollins and give him some real competition.

Paige losing

Having Paige turn heel, and go against former friends Charlotte and Becky Lynch is such an obvious and great storyline. When Paige went off and yelled about everybody in the locker room people got excited, and ready for a great heel run. You need Paige to get some momentum so after Charlotte beats Nikki Bella they can launch in to a great feud between Charlotte and Paige. The feud, however will not work if Natalya is beating Paige. WWE has the golden age of women’s wrestling right at their feet, so they better not mess this up, because of that stupid show Total Divas

Rusev and Summer Rae 

This segment insulted my intelligence. I felt like this was ten minutes of just boring wasteful stuff, that no one even cares about. The Rusev/Summer Rae vs Ziggler/Lana storyline has been a disaster from the start. They just need to end this storyline right now, and save us all. A week storyline to begin with and Summer Rae proposing to Rusev and I am officially out. This storyline is must change the channel TV

Overall Grade C-

The show began with a bang with Heyman, and the best match of the night with the Wyatt and Reigns feud. It has a nice moment in the middle with Cena and Reigns introducing women who had beat breast cancer and they were in the ring as well. Then it had a great ending with New Day defeating the old guard. The rest of the night was just boring, there is a reason why Raw ratings are down, and it is that Raw is a three-hour show and not just a two-hour show.



WWE 24 

If you are reading this article I assume you have the WWE Network, and if you do not go sign up now worth the price. Well after Raw the network has a WWE 24 special about the behind the scenes of NXT Takeover in Brooklyn. It is a great watch, and very cool to see all the behind the scenes and work the people do to get ready for a big show like a takeover event.


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