WWE The Raw Report 10/19

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Back for Week 3 of  The Raw Report. Raw is in Dallas this week, home of Wrestlemania. Vince and WWE really brought the good old Texas heat on this Monday night. With Hell in the Cell on Sunday WWE finally stepped up, and delivered a great card for Raw.


The Raw Opening

You cannot I repeat YOU CANNOT open Raw better than have Stone Cold Steve Austin to introduce Undertaker. Then you have Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar interrupting Undertaker, and now I am in heaven. While nothing was really said it was amazing. Raw started off with a bang and the fans went wild, especially for the Texas Rattlesnake.


To start off the second hour, The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels came out to the ring. While talking about the match card at Hell in the Cell, then Seth Rollins comes and interrupts HBK. They have a great promo with each other, where Rollins proclaims himself the new show stopper. It is great to see Shawn Michaels, since he is my second favorite wrestler of all time (Triple H is 1 and is the G.o.a.t.) but even better to see HBK still can shoot a promo with the best of them.

Shield Reunion

Always fun to see a reunion, especially a one night only Shield Reunion. What I really loved was the dynamic between the three in this match. These three have great chemistry with each other, and it showed again tonight. I will be very excited when all three are fighting each other for the Heavyweight title, which will be very soon I think.


Team Bella

Sunday night can’t come fast enough so Niki Bella can lose to Charlotte and we can move on. Team Bella is bad because nobody has a reaction to them anymore. Only thing worst then getting booed is not caring, and that is how I feel. This new wave of serious Diva talent has made the Bella’s obsolete. I will give anybody 50 bucks if you can name the third member of Team Bella? Exactly you can’t.

Ric Flair

Woooooo! Flair maybe is getting to old as he had no clue when he was back on the air, but I could not care less. I love Ric flair and always great to see him, but I did not like how they used him tonight. I did not like they are trying to have the dirtiest player in the game get over a baby face in Reigns. For the most this whole Wyatt vs Roman reigns feud has fell flat for me, I really do not know why but just have not been a fan.

Overall B

It is always great to see the legends come back. The fans love it, I love it, and the ratings love it. The problem with the legends is the other matches that do not have legends in the match get pushed to the back. I barely remember the Kevin Owens vs Mark Henry match, because I wanted to see more Shawn Michaels


The Steve Austin Podcast 

One of my favorite things happened after Raw and that is the Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast. This week Stone Cold had Brock Lesnar on it, and was great. Steve Austin can give a great wrestling interview, and this one was no different. I highly recommend to watch this interview, and the other interviews he has done for the network. My personal favorite interview he did was with Triple H.

This Sunday is Hell in the Cell, and the match card looks very exciting with Brock vs Taker round 3. I will have a special recap of Hell in the Cell on Monday. I will be live tweeting either on my personal account @MCC612 or on @ThatEntertains. Will see if boss man lets me, but either way you should follow both.

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