WWE The Raw Report: Can Roman Reigns Be The Face of The Company

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We are in a dark period of WWE. With all the injuries to the main event roster WWE is in uncharted waters. WWE will not be able to use the crutch of John Cena, they still do not have crowd favorite Daniel Bryan, and they do not have the company’s top heel Seth Rollins. The WWE will have to give some people a serious push just out of necessity. That means “the ball” is in Roman Reigns court. The question is can Roman be the guy?

I admit I am not in the Roman Empire, in fact I was part of the fans in Philadelphia with my boy @YUNGGOD3HUNNA that booed Roman out of the building. It has been almost a year, and the way they built him up is a carbon copy of Bryan, expect he has the look that Vince loves, and believes the look a champion should be. My problem with Roman is he cannot cut a promo to save his life. When the top face in your company can’t cut a solid promo what do you do?

What WWE needs to do is build the mid card, and start pushing the young talent a little quicker than anticipated. WWE right now has dynamic group that are over in New Day. WWE has a great mid card rivalry to build up in Ambrose vs Owens, so WWE just need to tweak a few things, and they will be able to survive all these injuries.

With the Diva’s revolution they need to add Sasha Banks into the title picture right now. Charlotte vs Paige has slowly become a little stale, be great to mix in a true heel in Sasha Banks. Adding Sasha Banks will make the dynamic great, and stake the odds even more against Charlotte. If WWE wants to build the female version of John Cena (Which is what I predict with Charlotte) why not stack the odds against her with her coming out victorious.

In the tag team division you cannot let the Uso’s beat New Day. The Uso’s are so boring, but the little kids love them. My gut feeling is WWE wants to put the tag titles back on the Uso’s, and could kill the momentum of New Day. If you watch all three hours of Raw every week you are probably miserable for almost all of it except when New Day comes out. WWE needs to ride the hot hand of New Day with all these injuries.

After Jack Swagger loses to Del Rio at TLC, WWE will need to be a little more creative booking the US Champ. The way to be creative is bringing up Samoa Joe from NXT to the main roster. Samoa Joe would make Del Rio and the US Championship belt a talking point. With all these injuries to the main roster the best asset WWE has is a talented farm system like NXT, and they should use it to their full advantage.

I like the Ambrose vs Owens feud, and think it will be fun few matches if WWE plays it right. In the end I would have Owens lose to Ambrose for the IC, so Kevin Owens can go into a feud with Roman Reigns. After Roman Reigns eventually tops Sheamus, Roman will need a new heel to fight, and I think Kevin Owens should be that heel. Kevin Owens can carry Reigns through the promo’s and then they can have great matches with each other.

WWE has all the talent to keep the show moving forward, but it is now on the writing team, Vince McMahon, and Triple H to create the storylines where wrestler’s can succeed. Let me know what you think be tweeting at me @MCC612 or tweeting at @ThatEntertains.



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