WWE: Who Will Undertaker Face at Wrestlemania?

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With all the injured superstars heading into the Rumble the WWE made the Royal Rumble all about Roman Reigns. The Rumble is no longer the 30 man for a shot at main event at Wrestlemania, it is about can Roman overcome the odds….for the millionth time. Since the winner of the rumble is not guarantee to be the main event of Wrestlemania this leaves the window open for a different main event.

If this is the Undertaker’s final go around why not have his final match as the main event. He is still a big draw, and Texas is his home state. The question becomes who does Undertaker face in his final match?

It was set up for Undertaker to take on John Cena, but John Cena had to be a bum, and get hurt. With all the major injury’s to WWE top card players there are not many choices. We can’t have another Brock vs Taker match. I do not need to see Bray vs Taker again either. To me there are two choices for Taker to face at mania, and they are (Drumroll please) Roman Reigns and The Rock.

The storyline for Undertaker vs Roman is very simple…have Taker win the Royal Rumble. The Undertaker entrance would shock the fans and everyone would love it. Having Undertaker winning his second Rumble, having him as the champ again, and having him vs Roman at Mania for the rematch would be a fun match. The problem with this is Vince and his love for Roman, and trying to make him the guy. I think it would be a great way for Roman to get over  by beating Taker at mania to get his belt back, but Vince would not like that the crowd is not fully behind his boy Roman.

Now the Rock is much easier to get there. Two Legends, One Last Ride, With the Biggest Crowd in wrestling history…pretty easy right. Add to the fact The Rock vs The Undertaker never happen at Wrestlemania. WWE always wants to grab the headlines, and what better way to have the biggest main stream superstar The Rock vs one of if not the most respected wrestler in The Undertaker as the Main Event. It is not a hard sell, while it probably would not be the best match on the card it will be the most talked about match on the card, and that is all WWE wants with Wrestlemania.

So what do you think will happen at Mania? Who will Taker face? Will Vince stop being so out of touch with the audience? Let me know with the comments below or tweet me @MCC612

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