WWE: Wrestlemania Gambling Preview

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for wrestling fans…IT IS WRESTLEMANIA. While the build up has not been great there are still some exciting matches that I want to see. Now instead of your standard Wrestlemania preview, I am going to add my other favorite passion into the mix, gambling. You may ask yourself how can you gamble on scripted TV, but that’s not a question I am here to answer, I am here to help you make some money.

Battle For Tag Team Legacy 

The pick here is obviously New Day at -160. Now this is a pick with very little value, but it is a slam dunk. New Day have just turned baby face, and looks like they are going to get an even stronger push after mania. If you want to press your luck and go against the grain you can bet League of Nations at +120

WWE Divas Triple Threat Match

 Vegas has Sasha Banks as the favorite at 1 to 3 (that means you bet 3 dollars to win 1 dollar) while the champion Charlotte is at 7 to 5 while Becky Lynch is 5 to 1. The best value is Becky, and her day will come, but I have to go with Sasha. A great feud between Charlotte and Sasha will come out of mania and Sasha winning the belt will be the start of it…again not much value here.

WWE United States Championship

Here is my first value pick of the night…take Ryback. Now Kalisto is the favorite at -150, but I believe Vince wants to give Ryback another big push. Vince loves a certain type of look, and that is the only positive Ryback has, he is bad in the ring and bad on the mic. My opinion on Ryback does not matter but I will be taking Ryback at +110.

WWE Andre The Giant Battle Royale

Now there are too many people in the battle Royale to talk about all, but I will talk about a few of the guys that I think can win. Braun Strowman is the favorite to win at 5 to 4, but if I was picking a Wyatt family member I wouldn’t be picking him, it be Bray Wyatt at 5 to 1. The Wyatt has been built where they don’t need titles or trophies for them to go over, so I would stay away from the Wyatt’s. On the list they have a few surprises in there including Randy Orton at 8 to 1 and Samoa Joe at 10 to 1. While they are fun picks you do not even know if they will be in the Royale. My two value picks are members of the Social Outcasts. I like Bo Dallas at 30 to 1 and Heath Slater at 20 to 1. WWE seems to like these guys and having a member of the Social Outcast get to brag about being a winner would be very entertaining. While my value picks are the Social Outcast my pics to win it all is Mark Henry at 6 to 1. It is in his home state, and could very well be his last mania, and would be a nice touch to end his career.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

The seven man ladder match has a nice mix of wrestlers, and should be a fun match to watch, however I only believe three of the seven men can win this match. Dolph Ziggler is 9 to 1 odds, if they want to reignite the Dolph train this would be a perfect time to give him that push. At 9 to 4 is Sami Zayn, with a feud with Kevin Owens imminent after mania having KO trying to win it back could be interesting twist. Finally the heavy favorite to win is the champ Kevin Owens at 1 to 2. I am picking KO, because I believe WWE are going to give KO a huge push KOMania ain’t going anywhere.

No Holds Barred Match

Now time for one of the three main events…Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar. Brock hasn’t been pinned since he beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30, and that streak ends Sunday. I think Mick Foley and Terry Funk passing the hardcore torch will mean something…maybe Mick Foley comes in and helps Dean win, but either way I Like Dean +110 to get the pin over Lesnar -150.

Hell In a Cell

I have called it the Attitude era match as it seems like we get one of these types of matches every year. We get the nostalgia running with Undertaker and the return of Shane McMahon, in Hell in the Cell. While the build up to this match is very confusing I am excited for this match.  Undertaker is the favorite at -130, but I feel like a surprise star will come in, and cost Undertaker the match. I understand you taking Undertaker, but I am going with Shane O’Mac at even money.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion 

The main event no one asked for, but that one we got. There is no money in the bank to cash in late to change the match, this is what we get and honestly I have no idea how the crowd will react to this match. There is no value in this pick with Roman Reigns at -700. If you do not think Roman will win than bet Triple H at +400, and wish you the best of luck but my bet would be on Roman.


I used the odds from Bovada, and could not find the AJ Styles and Y2J match, but whatever the odds are bet AJ Stlyes, and they do not have the Uso’s vs Dudley match either, but I would bet the USOs. If you want to ask me about tweet me  @MCC612 and don’t forget to follow our account @ThatEntertains.

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