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The Zombcast Episode 3: Days Gone Bye, BAMF

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We’ve found our original run of episodes and are releasing them in batches. Consider this Season 1 of The Zombcast…

The day is finally here—AMC‘s The Walking Dead adaptation has aired it’s pilot episode and we here at The Zombcast discuss our thoughts. This is our unofficial recap of The Walking Dead 1.01 – Days Gone Bye.


Based out of Philadelphia, PA, Robots and Racecars isn’t your typical pop-punk band. While you get the typical pop-punk fast, loud and in-your-face sound, they strive to break away from the cookie-cutter mold that fans of the genre have come to accept. Lyrically, the members (Matthew Herb, Frankie Marsh, Nicholas Reed and Jordan Riffe) write about their nerd lifestyles which include video games, fantasies and zombies. Musically, they combine great melodies, harmonized vocals, tight solos, thumping bass and pounding drums. Mix both parts together and it’s no surprise why they are quickly gaining a national audience, sponsorships and sharing the stage with the likes of The Ataris, Big D & The Kids Table and Hawthorne Heights (to name a few). One listen to Robots and Racecars and you’ll be hooked.


The Zombcast is a show that discusses all things horror, with a focus on zombie related entertainment. Throughout its various incarnations, one thing has stayed true—their coverage of The Walking Dead

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All this and more on this weeks edition of The Zombcast!

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